Drug and Alcohol Unit:

  • March 29- Read "The Truth About Alcohol" pamphlet and complete worksheet
  • March 28 - Read "The Truth About Marijuana" pamphlet and complete worksheet

Infectious Disease

  • March 16- assign topic for research
  • March 17- experiment with Glogster
  • March 18- create Glog on your topic
  • March 21- share Glog with class and explain the content


  • March 30- Sexting, Scripture and an Essay. The essay needs to include the following 6 paragraphs:
    • Introduction to safety, etiquette and sexting
    • Define what a digital footprint is and how it applies to you.
    • Describe online safety tips and how to create a safe password.
    • Demonstrate your knowledge of what cyberbullying is and how to help those being mistreated.
    • Discuss how Scripture can be applied to online conduct.
    • Summarize the most important facts you have learned during this unit.
  • March 24- Online Etiquette
  • March 22- Online Safety
  • March 14 & 15 add to content on the Wiki and discuss how to edit the page properly.
  • Remember-
    • read discussion on topic
    • edit the page
    • add to the discussion at the end of class

Stages of Life

  • March 7- Complete Day 5 after lecture on reproductive system.
  • March 2- Complete Day 4- last day to work in class, all four assignment need to be uploaded to your Site by Friday at the start of class.
  • March 1- Complete Day 3 in Stages of Life Unit- make sure Day 1 & 2 work is posted to your Site!
  • Feb 28- Complete Day Two in Stages of Life Unit
  • Feb 25- Complete Day One in Stages of Life Unit

Digiteen Links:

1. You should have added a Blog Post to the Ning that explains what your topic is about for the Digiteen Project.
2. You should start researching your topic and adding content to your section of the page on the Wiki.
3. Click the Discussion Tab, located at the top of the Wiki, and add a post on what you have added to the page each class day we work on the Digiteen Project.

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