Class site: RLHS Google Apps

January 28

Overview of Body systems in class today. Read ch 5 over the weekend.

January 24 & 25 & 27

  1. Finish and practice presentation on Monday. Make sure it is uploaded to your Site.
  2. Present information starting the 24th.
  3. Write a 2 page essay summarizing of what you have learned. Include an introduction and a paragraph about each disease. Finish with a concluding paragraph.

January 19-21

  1. The chapter 8 outline was due 1/20/11.
  2. Groups will be assigned on the 19th for work on the Nutrition Project.
  3. This project combines nutrition information and concerns about disease.

January 18

  1. Finish sharing slide shows on Healthiest Person.
  2. Begin Nutrition Unit with a discussion (Chapter 8 in book)
  3. Outline Chapter 8 due Thursday.

January 14

  1. Slide-show should be inserted onto the Healthiest Person page on your Site.
  2. We will watch/present the shows in class.

January 12 & 13

  1. Create slide show for share your "Healthiest Person" information. Create the presentation using the presentation option under "Create New" in your Documents folder.
  2. All photos must be Creative Commons. See the Copyright Info page at the right if you need sites.
  3. Embed links to all references. Slide show need to be uploaded to your Site by the start of class FRIDAY.

January 11-

  1. Make sure your essay from 1/10/11 is inserted on a new page on your Site title "Population Growth"
  2. Finish the research on the 5 parts of your "healthy person".
  3. Finish the slide show order for a slide show on this person, minimum of 10 slides.

January 10-

The class will watch a short video on Population Growth.
  • Using Google Docs write a three paragraph essay titled "Population Growth".
  • Paragraph one should explain the videos contents.
  • Paragraph two should include some statistics from the video that you found interesting. (be specific)
  • Paragraph three should answer the following question: "What is the responsibility of Christians to help even out the resources?"
When you finish the essay continue on the Healthiest Person project from January 7. When you have found sources for all five items go back to the slide document and decide on how you will create the slide show.

Jan 7-

  • Return to your "Healthiest Person" list on Google Docs.
  • Find one resource to support each of your claims.
  • Add the links to your document.
For instance let's say one of your 5 items indicates they work out 5 times a week. You need to find a website that indicates that is a healthy thing to do, copy the information and add the link. Add this all to your original Google Doc.
Suggested sites:

Jan 6-

Digital literacy introduction using November Learning Website.

January 5-

  • Create a Google Site following the in-class directions. Add a theme or flair.
  • Finish your "Healthiest Person" article and add this to your Google Site.
  • Begin slide order for "Healthy Person" slide show (use Google Docs).

January 4-

Evaluate the people in your life and answer the question - "Who is the Healthiest Person I Know?"
Create a Google Doc and list the five things that you believe make this person healthy.