Stages of Life

  • March 1 Complete Day 3 in Stages of Life Unit- make sure Day 1 & 2 work is posted to your Site!
  • Feb 28 Complete Day Two in Stages of Life Unit
  • Feb 25 Complete Day One in Stages of Life Unit

Digiteen - Feb 24

  • Find your cell on the team grid.
  • Make sure you have joined the wiki .
  • Write a blog on the Ning about your topic.

Mental Health Unit

Feb 8

  • Quiz on Nutrition Notes
  • Read Chapters 3 & 4 in textbook

Feb 7

Evaluate Search Stories by classmates.

Class site: RLHS Google Apps

January 31- Feb 2

  • You will be assigned a "Body System" to research and create a Search Story about.
  • Click here to review the Search Story information.
  • (Make sure your Site has a page that includes:
    • Your Nutrition Presentation
    • Your Google Doc with the research for the presentation
    • Your final essay that summarizes the presentations given in class.

Link to January Assignments