Body Systems:

Essential Questions: What are the eight major body systems?

Read Chapter 5 in your textbook, p 106-135

Body Systems and Nutrition Using Search Stories

During the 2010 Super Bowl one of the best ads was called a “search story” by Google. Shortly after this event Google released a “video creator” for people to make their own stories. This site is no longer active so your task is to make your own version of a "Search Story" using a Presentation on Google Apps.

Step one: outline your assigned section using the textbook
Each student will be given a start and end point for their show along with a section of the textbook for reference.

Step two: The goal is to demonstrate relationships between the points using Internet search sites and links.
  • A seven slide minimum (not including intro and closing).
  • Write an introductory and closing paragraph about your topic.

Step three: Post your show to a page labeled “Site Tour of __ " at your Apps Site.
  • Once all the work is posted you need to review and comment on each of your classmates "tours".

Assignments:(topic, page # in book, start-end)
  • body organization 106 cell-organism
    • The body is composed of cells, tissues, organs and body systems that work together to keep the body functioning properly.
  • nervous system 108 neuron - brain
    • The nervous system is one of the primary communicating systems of the body. This system uses nerve cells and the central nervous system.
  • endocrine system 112 hormone-gland
    • The endocrine system communicates throughout the body using hormones to send chemical messages.
  • bones & joints 116 bone-joint
    • The skeletal system forms the framework of the body and works with the muscular system to cause movement.
  • muscles 119 cell-movement
    • The muscular system includes the heart, smooth muscle that lines organs, and the skeletal muscles that move bones.
  • digestive 122 mouth-anus
    • The digestive system provides nutrients for the cells of the body.
  • excretory 125 nephron-urethra
    • The urinary system helps the body get rid of liquid waste products.
  • circulatory 128 blood cell-heart
    • The circulatory system transports materials through the body using the bloodstream.
  • respiratory 131 alveoli- lung
    • The respiratory system brings oxygen into the body and removes carbon dioxide from the body.