Drug Education - You will be provided several short pamphlets on different drugs:

    • marijuana
    • alcohol
    • ecstasy
    • cocaine & crack cocaine (2)
    • crystal methamphetamine
    • inhalants
    • heroin
    • LSD
    • prescription drug abuse (2)

Create a Document using your Google Apps account. Label the document "Alcohol and Drugs".

  1. Answer the questions below, one paragraph for each. Make sure the information is from the pamphlet and not opinion.
    1. Provide the common name and street name of the drug, where it comes from (plant, made in lab, etc), and how it is taken.
    2. Describe the addictive qualities of this drug. What effect does it have on the body? Why would someone take this drug in particular?
    3. Describe the long-term effects of this drug; what will happen to people who continue to use this drug. Provide statistics if available.
  2. At the end of the project you will have three paragraphs on each of the 9 different drug categories.
  3. Two categories should be completed each day.

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