10Mental Health

1. Develop an understanding of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in relationship to individual health.
2. Construct a flow chart to depict influences on individual personality.
3. Differentiate between hereditary and environmental influences on personality.
4. Analyze causes of stress and how the body responds.
5. Assemble a list of ways to control stress.
6. Research a mental disorder and present information to the class regarding symptoms, treatment and implications of this disorder.
7. Discuss suicide prevention and therapy as well as grief counseling

Activity One-
  • Using the diagram on page 172 create a copy of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs on a Doc. Title the page "Maslow".
  • Label each level and then describe what you would need to have that level met in your life. For instance, what makes you feel safe in your daily life? You would add that to the "safety" level
  • Create a new page on you Site and label it “Mental Health”. Insert the document onto this page.

Activity Two-
  • Open a new document and create a flow chart to depict the influences on your personality. Include 6-8 factors. Use page 175ff of the text for guidance.
  • Highlight on the flow chart the 4 factors that you think have the strongest influence on your personality.
  • Identify which of these four factors are hereditary influences and which are environmental influences. Label the list “personality influences” and add it to your Mental Health page on your Site. (see pages 170-177)

Activity Three-
  • Using a new document, type out the five factors that cause stress and an explanation of each (p 199).
  • Choose the two that are most influential in your life and write one paragraph on each describing how your body responds to that stress. Finish the work with a paragraph explaining how you take control of stress (suggestions p 204). Title the Doc “stress” and add it to the Mental Health page on your Site.


Activity Four & Five
  • Disorders: eating, passive/aggressive, post-traumatic stress, conduct, phobias, multiple personality, obsessive/compulsive, clinical depression, panic, bipolar, schizophrenia
  • You will be assigned one of the Types of Mental Disorders that are listed in the book starting on page 225. Research the disorder and prepare the following information: define the disorder in basic terminology, list the causes and cures for the disorder, and list what would be expected of someone who has this disorder. Place all of this information in a paragraph or two and the information will be combined on one Doc for the class. Make sure you include references
  • Prepare a 3 minute presentation for class on your disorder. The presentation should cover the cause, behavior and cure as appropriate to your topic

Discussion of Suicide, Therapy and Grief- discuss video and biblical view
  • Lesson 2, Chapter 9, p 230- Suicide Prevention
  • Lesson 4, Chapter 9, p 238- Understanding Death and Grief