Health Risks and History of Body Art

  1. Explore what procedures are involved in body piercing, tattoos, and cosmetic surgery (body art).
  2. Research the history of different forms of body art.
  3. Research the health risks and benefits associated with body art.

Project and Grading Guidelines:
  1. Answer each of the research questions (below) using a minimum of one well constructed paragraph.
  2. Each paragraph must have a minimum of one online source added at the end of the paragraph.
  3. Each research question must reference a different source (six total sources).
  4. The final written project should have an introductory and concluding paragraph added.
  5. Final work should be posted to your Google Site on a new page title "Body Art and Tattoos".
  6. Each body paragraph will be worth 3 points: one for dependable source, one for length and content, one for accuracy of information. The introduction and conclusion paragraphs will be worth one point each for a total possible of 20 points.

Research questions:
  1. What is the history of tattoos and piercing? Choose one country to investigate.
  2. What is involved in getting a tattoo, having a piercing done, and having cosmetic surgery performed? Describe how each is done.
  3. What are perceived as the benefits of engaging in this activity? What is the attraction?
  4. What are the short-term health risks?
  5. What are the long-term health risks?
  6. Based on what you have learned, would you engage in these activities now or when you get older? Give specific reasons to support your ideas.

Tattoos and body piercing:
FDA Govt site
Body Piercing
Tattoo history
Tattoo Danger
Mayo Clinic

Cosmetic Surgery:
Permanent Makeup
Plastic Surgery

Assessment: to be completed after research is submitted.
  1. Print a copy of your work and turn it in.
  2. Using Google Sites each class member must read three other class members work and write thoughtful, constructive comments on the work. Points will be taken from your grade for inappropriate comments and slang. Your comments should include one fact you learned that they did not mention and one item in their report you found interesting.