Unit Pages:

Creation of Pages:

  1. For each of the topics above you are expected to contribute a section of one to two paragraphs to the page.
  2. The section you contribute should be created in Google Docs, then downloaded as "text" and moved on to the Unit Page.
  3. Terms should be linked with contextual links. Your name should be added in ( ) at the end of each paragraph you contribute.
  4. These pages will serve as a study guide for the semester final.
  5. All work must be completed by the end of the school day on Friday, May 20th.
  6. Any student that tampers with another person's work will receive a failing grade.


  1. Content should be from pages on your Site and GoogleDocs with additional research as necessary.
  2. Each Unit Page will receive a grade of 1-10 based on your contributions.
9-10 points
Excellent content. Two solid paragraphs that contain factual information and a minimum of three hyperlinks in each paragraph.
7-8 points
Good content. There is a good amount of content added that adds to the page. More links or information on the topic is necessary.
5-6 points
Good start. The information is not sufficient to cover the topic well and will require more research to complete the section.
3-4 points
Partially completed
0-2 points
Contributions were not significant.
8 pages x 10 points = 80 total points possible (1/2 of Final Exam Grade)