Mental Health Unit

  • February 9- Mental Health Overview notes

Infographics will be presented Monday, Feb 7th & 8th

  • Nutrition Quiz

Jan 28- confirm membership on Feb 4

  1. There are two avenues of communication on the Flat Classroom Project.
  2. The first is the Ning. This is an online site to send messages and have conversations with other students working on the project. You will need to join the Flat Classroom Ning, add a message and, hopefully, design your page. The Ning is a way to "meet your neighbors" in the project.
  3. The second avenue of communication is the wiki. This is an online site where you will add content regarding the topic you have chosen on the team grid for the project. The Wiki is "where you work" on this project.

Class site: RLHS Google Apps

January 27- Feb 1

  1. Using the information you have from the 10 nutrition topics you are going to analyze a diet plan.
  2. See the Nutrition page for specifics.

Flat Classroom Page

January 25 & 26

Finish presentations and start Flat Classroom Project.
  1. Watch video by T. Friedman and join the FCP.

January 24

Continue class presentations and notes.

January 19-21

  1. Finish researching the 10 nutrition facts on your topic making sure they are all on a Google Doc and have links embedded.
  2. Create a slide show of this information for the class using a Google presentation (similar to PowerPoint).
  3. Presentation needs to be ready and on your site by the start of class Friday, Jan 21.
  4. You will present your slide show for the class on Friday.

January 18

Go to the Nutrition Unit page (link below) and complete the 10 facts. Facts should be completed by class Wed, 1/19 to stay on schedule.

January 13 & 14

Notes on Dimensions in Health and Nutrition. Store in Google Doc. Begin Nutrition Unit.

January 12-

  • Your "Dimensions in Health" work needs to be posted to your wiki by the start of class tomorrow.
  • Using ch. 5 and 6 in your health book answer questions with your table partner.
  • 10 Health- chapter 5 & 6 questions
    1. Directions: Answer the following questions completely. Most questions will require a complete sentence answer. (book pages questions found on)
    2. Name three influences -other than family- on people’s food choices. After each of the influences explain if this is positive or negetive and why. 113
    3. Give examples of how your family has influenced your food choices.
    4. Compare the energy provided to the body by carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. 121
    5. Using the Subway lunch including: 6 in meatball sub, salad, milk and cookie explain if this would be a nutritious lunch.
    6. Why might a person eat fewer servings that recommended by the Food Guide Pyramid and still gain an unhealthful anount of weight? 128
    7. Create a one-day menu incorporating the advice in the Dietary Guidelines. Include three meals.
    8. make a chart with two columns. List the causes and symptoms of foodborne illness on one side. List the ways to minimize the risks of foodborne illness on the other side. 137
    9. How does hunger differ from appetite? 140
    10. What is the relationship between glucose and glycogen?
    11. What does the Percent Daily Value column of a food label tell you?

January 11-

  1. Make sure the essay from 1/10/11 is inserted on a new page "Population Growth" on your Site.
  2. Finish the Webquest on the Six Dimensions of Health. Make sure the "scenario" portion has one paragraph on each dimension.
  3. Insert your finished work on your Site and title it "Dimensions of Health".

January 10-

The class will watch a short video on Population Growth.
  • Using Google Docs write a three paragraph essay titled "Population Growth".
  • Paragraph one should explain the videos contents.
  • Paragraph two should include some statistics from the video that you found interesting. (be specific)
  • Paragraph three should answer the following question: "What is the responsibility of Christians to help even out the resources?"
When you finish the essay continue on the Webquest project from January 7.

January 7-

The class is going to study the 6 Dimensions in Health using this WebQuest.
The activity will be modified slightly :
  • do not use the concept map, complete the same project however use a GoogleDoc to store the information
  • The activity will includes and Introduction, 4 Tasks, Process, Conclusion.
  • All of the written work should be completed in Google Docs and then added to your Google Site when complete.
  • This activity includes a Rubric for grading that you should note as you work through the material.
  • We will spend three class days to complete this project.

January 6-

We will work on Digital Literacy using the materials from Alan November.
  • Go to the Information Literacy and take the quiz on Information Literacy. Copy and paste the quiz into a google doc.
  • Store the questions and answers on a Google Doc title "Information Literacy".
  • Grade the quiz using the answers provided on the side bar of the page you copied the quiz from and add the correct answers.
  • Upload the final work to a new page on your Site.

January 5-

Create a Site to place your work. Once your site is completed you can overview the WebQuest Project.

January 4-

  1. Create GoogleApps account following directions provided in class.
  2. Compose three paragraphs to reflect on either:
  • How is your health changed by world events?
  • If today was "your last day" or last year how would you live life differently (provide reasons why)