Topics are taken from Friedman's work and include:
  1. Connecting the world online
  2. World Wide Web
  3. Workflow software
  4. The Changing Shape of Information
  5. Web 2.0 tools for sharing information
  6. Globalization and outsourcing
  7. Google takes over the world
  8. Personal Learning Environments and Social Networking
  9. Mobile and Ubiquitous
  10. Virtual Communication
  11. Wireless Connectivity

Day One - Jan 26
1. Your name for this project in first, last initial, year of graduation, school. An example: bobm13-rlhs
Sign up for the __Flat Classroom Project Ning__
2. Read about __The World is Flat__ by __Thomas Friedman__ Think about each of the "flatteners" and its application to you.
3. Read more about the various flatteners on the __FCP 10-3A Wiki__ - see the __Topics Page__
4. View the "Types of Videos" on the __Topics Page__ and __A Whole New Mind__ by __Daniel Pink__

Vocabulary Check

What language does the word "wiki" come from? What does it literally mean?
What language does the word "ning" come from? What does it mean?

Thomas Friedman, 2005 @ MIT "The World is Flat"

Ten Forces that Flatten- MIT and Thomas Friedman
1. 11/9/89- Windows operating system
2. 8/9/95- Netscape browser and .com boom
3. Workflow- standardization of work place software
4. Outsourcing- work moves
5. Offshoring- factories move
6. Open sourcing- open software, Free Firefox and Linux
7. Supply chaining- company makes nothing, sells everything
8. Insourcing- fix and deliver for other companies
9. Informing- Google, TiVo
10. Steroids- wireless, VOI, anywhere, mobile
Triple convergence:
1. 2000 all 10 converged with time, distance and geography (and almost language) no longer matter of importance
2. Value of moving from vertical to horizontal- FLATTEN
3. Multiple forms of sharing with many new open countries- China, India = + 3 billion players

Day Two- Jan 28
1. Request to join the __Flat Classroom Projects Wiki__
2. Join the __RLHS Group on the Flat Classroom Ning__
3.Read about __Citing Personal Information__ on the __Flat Classroom Projects Help Wiki__
Write an "About Me" paragraph on your profile page "My Page" on the __FCP Ning__ (include hyperlinks) making sure to follow the "citing" guidelines.
4. Tag your blog post with: RLHS, "FCP 10-3" and any other key words (such as your research topic) as appropriate
5. Add a status update to the __FCP Ning__ and start or contribute to a discussion in the __RLHS Group__ or to the general __Student Discussions__

What will you do with your 2 million minutes of high school?

January - upcoming

1. Join the __FCP 10-3A Wiki
if you did not do so yesterday.
2. Find the __Topic page__ for your group
Read over the outline to see what you and all the other students researching that particular "flattener" are going to be filling in together
3.Check out the last two Flat Classroom Projects (__FCP 10-1__ and __FCP 10-2__) - look at what the team for your same topic group created and begin to think of ways you can build on and add to their work
4. List your name and link to your ning profile at the bottom of the Topic page under "Team Members"

Triple Check the Ning
1. Check your Ning profile ("My Page") and remove your last name if needed. You can edit the banner at the top, but you also need to change your Profile under your Settings.
Note: If you change your profile name, it changes the URL for your profile page, so now you need to correct the hyperlink you made on your __Topic page__ on the __FCP 10-3A Wiki__
Learn about the rest of your settings and controls on the __FCP Ning__
2. You have a friend request from me, that is so I can email you through the ning.
Please "friend" all your classmates - the easiest way to find them is via __the RLHS group__ - click "View all" under Members.
Check your Ning Privacy Settings - leave your Visibility viewable by anyone; change your Moderation and Latest Activity settings if you wish.
Check your Email Settings and adjust to your preferences.
3. Check the profile page of the person sitting on your right.
  • Does s/he have an "About Me" paragraph? (This should be in the Text Box, not a Blog Post.)
  • Does s/he have at least one Blog Post? Is it tagged with ISA and other relevant keywords?
  • Has s/he started or participated in at least one Discussion?
  • Has s/he posted at least one status update?
Add a friendly reminder about any missing items as a comment to your classmate's wall.
Once you've completed your missing tasks, you can delete the comment from your wall :)

Daniel Pink- "Motivation"- what motivates you?

Motivation "Office" Style...