Class links:

RLHS Google Apps, Wiki, Ning

Drug Unit:

  • April 28 Presentations with "PUNCH" shown to class
  • April 27 Create Presentation with "PUNCH"
  • April 26 Finish Drug Research
  • April 12 & 13 Begin Unit - Understanding Drug Use and Abuse

Flat Classroom Project:

  • April 29 Create summary and reflection on FCP Project - due Monday, May 2 (seven + sentences per paragraph)
    • What?- what did you research and learn with the wiki and movie
    • So What?- why is this topic important in the world today?
    • Now What? - what is the future for your topic?
    • Reflection- minimum of one positive and one improvement for this project in the future.
    • Post the work on your Site- labelled "FCP Summary"
  • April 8 & 11- watch final videos in class and self-grade FCP Wiki pages.
  • April 6-7 Work with students to complete wiki and videos.
  • How to upload the clip you made for another person (and collect yours) in FCP: Outsourced Video
  • March 25- April 5
    • Outsourced clip needs to be loaded online by April 4, Final Video due April 5
    • make sure your clip request is online (see March 22 for details)
    • sign up for, create and upload an outsourced clip for someone else
    • create your video in class using Windows Movie Maker. A Tutorial is available online.
  • March 22 Request video clip at FCP page. See the FCP Video Production page for guidelines.
  • March 21 Create storyboard for video
  • March 16- Keynote videos viewed; begin to storyboard your video
  • March 14 & 15 - receive rubric for grading of the wiki (grading will occur in late March). Work on content continuity of page.

10 Health March