The final exam will have questions from the topics cover this semester. Questions are listed here for study purposes.

Mental Health

  1. Name a biological stressor. internal- broken leg
  2. Name a cognitive stressor. mind- anxiety
  3. In a conduct disorder people might- steal, give hugs, donate to charity
  4. Conduct disorders are caused by- family neglect, abuse, both
  5. State three behaviors of people with conduct disorders. aggressive, deceitful, abusive
  6. T/F There are approved drugs to treat Antisocial Personality Disorder. f
  7. What level is belonging on the mental health pyramid?
  8. What level is safety on the mental health pyramid?
  9. How might a person become anorexic? poor body image
  10. How many levels are on Maslow's Hierarchy? 5
  11. What is a common symptom of schizophrenia?
  12. t/f Stress can be good and bad. t
  13. t/f Passive aggressive behavior causes behavior changes. t
  14. What is post-traumatic stress disorder?
  15. 1 in 200 children have OCD. t obsessive-compulsive disorder
  16. Bulimia is an eating disorder where people binge and purge. t
  17. There is a definite cause of bulimia. f
  18. Schizophrenia is the same as multiple personality disorder. f
  19. Common symptoms of depression are loss of interest, lack of close friends, giving up.
  20. What is a phobia? irrational fear of something

Dimensions in Health

  1. t/f Emotional wellness has to do with feelings.
  2. Define health.
  3. What are the six parts of wellness?
  4. Which dimension of wellness deals with others?
  5. How can you strengthen spiritual wellness?
  6. How can one maintain physical wellness?
  7. Physical wellness involves what part of a person? body
  8. Spiritual wellness involves a persons purpose in life. t
  9. Technology is one of the health dimensions. f
  10. Do you need all the health dimensions in check to be healthy? yes
  11. Environmental health includes... surroundings

Drugs and Alcohol Awareness

  1. Cocaine come from what plant? coca
  2. t/f- Cocaine is a stimulant. t
  3. How is heroin taken into the body? injected, snorted
  4. t/f -Opium is naturally occurring. t
  5. Can a person overdose on alcohol? yes
  6. What is the street name for psychedelics?
  7. What are two main types of inhalants? powder, fumes
  8. t/f- LSD was created by S. Freud. f
  9. t/f- Amphetamines are synthetic. f not all
  10. t/f- Another name for alcohol is "sauce". t
  11. Legally drunk is .08%. t
  12. 1 in 5 people that try inhalants the first time die. t
  13. Long term alcohol use damages the liver. t
  14. Name three realistic ways to refuse to use drugs when offered.
  15. Inhalants are the fourth most common used drug in teens. t
  16. Long term use of cocaine results in paranoia. t
  17. Opium comes from what plant? Poppies
  18. Heroin is derived from opium. t
  19. Meth is a commonly used amphetamine. t
  20. Marijuana is considered a gateway drug. t

Weight Loss Plans

  1. The Hallelujah Diet is a vegan diet. t
  2. 9 of 10 customers where satisfied with Nutri-Systems. t
  3. The Nutrisystem approach focuses on the glycemic index. t
  4. Exercise will always help a diet plan. t
  5. Weight Watchers was founded in 1963. t
  6. The Big Breakfast diet focuses on firing up your metabolism for the day. t
  7. To lose weight on diet plans you need to be committed. t
  8. What are the US Dietary guidelines?
  9. Fried foods are the worst substance to eat for weight loss. t
  10. The "baby food" diet is a fad diet that was used by J. Anniston. t
  11. Jenny Craig diet advocates eating fruit. t
  12. It is good to lose 10 lbs in a week. no, for long term weight loss 1-2 lbs a week is realistic
  13. The South Beach Diet involves eating a lot of protein. yes

Body Art and Tattoos

  1. How are tattoos given? injection needles up to 3000 x/minute
  2. Tattoos have been found on 5000 year old mummies. t
  3. Most people get tattoos because they think they are attractive or have a special meaning. t
  4. t/f - Tattoos were used by the Egyptians. t
  5. Short term effects of a tattoo are- swelling, infection
  6. Anything that can be pinched can be pierced. t
  7. Rhinoplasty is cosmetic surgery on the face. t
  8. Most breast implants are bags of salt water. t
  9. What is the most common tool to remove a tattoo? laser
  10. How many times should a tattoo parlor sterilize equipment? 3
  11. Cosmetic surgery can be addictive. t
  12. How could a person get HIV from a tattoo? un-sterile equipment
  13. The most common place for body piercing? earlobe
  14. In ancient Egypt the most common wearers of tattoos were __? women
  15. The machine for tattoos is like a sewing machine. t
  16. The Gladiators were know to have body piercing. t
  17. Tattoos and piercings are regulated by the FDA.

Flat Classroom Topics

  1. Google started in 1996
  2. V-Com stands for virtual communication- communicating over a technological device.
  3. Thomas Friedman wrote "The World is Flat"
  4. Outsourcing is communicating with people far away and allows world wide connections.
  5. Globalization connects the world
  6. t/f- Do schools have Facebook pages?
  7. If you are working on a wiki page with others you need to communicate changes.
  8. Provide examples of technology in schools.
  9. Cell phones make global communication easy. t
  10. MySpace reaches more people in a day than the NT Times and CNN. t
  11. Facebook has a large impact on hiring and job opportunities. t
  12. Outsourcing involves jobs in other locations. t
  13. Virtual communication has sped up communication. t
  14. 55% of teens have a registered account on a social network. t
  15. Information technology involves online course and other means of learning using technology. t

How To Use Google Docs

  1. Can you share files with others on Google Docs?
  2. What programs can you access through GoogleDocs?
  3. How many people can share a document?
  4. How do you share a document?
  5. What is a Google Site?
  6. How do you create a new document?
  7. Is google docs accessible to everyone?
  8. Can a presentation be created on google docs?
  9. t/f- Google docs can be accessed from any computer with a web browser.
  10. t/f- A Prezi can be made with Google docs.
  11. How do you name a Google doc?
  12. Is Google Docs available offline? no
  13. Google Docs saves your work automatically about every 15 sec.
  14. Google docs are organized by placing them into what? folders
  15. Multiple people can work on the same Google doc at the same time.
  16. SWF formats cannot be downloaded in docs.
  17. Everyone can see your google docs. false
  18. Google docs storage lasts for 30 days. false
  19. Can documents be deleted from google docs if you are sharing someones work? no, not if you did not start the doc
  20. Do I have to have a google account to work on a shared document? ye

How to Post work to a Google Site

  1. What can one upload to a Site?
  2. How do you upload something to a Site (list steps).
  3. How many items can be stored on a Site?
  4. t/f- You can access your Site from
  5. How do you add a new page?
  6. t/f- Only google docs posted to a Site are visible to others.
  7. Can the theme of a Site be changed?
  8. Where is your google site located?
  9. Why do people create new pages on their site?
  10. Can you edit your posted information from your site? yes
  11. What are the steps to create a page on your site?
  12. All of your work is automatically added to your site. false
  13. How much does a google site cost? free
  14. What other sites can you view from the school account? only those on RLHS domain
  15. To add a doc to the site paste the URL. false
  16. Can you add work to a site without being signed in? no
  17. A document can be printed from your site. true, if it is uploaded there
  18. Google docs, sites, calendar and email can all be accessed from the top of each page. true
  19. Does a google site have a search bar? yes
  20. You can add widgets, like games, to the home page of the site. t

Information Literacy

  1. List 5 search engines. google, yahoo, ask, bing, others....
  2. Url stands for what? uniform resource locator
  3. What is a blog? web log, online writing
  4. What happens when you put a search in quotation marks? the search chooses the word together in articles
  5. What does .org stand for? organization
  6. What does .edu stand for? education (college)
  7. What does .gov stand for? government
  8. t/f- "and" is a Boolean search term. t
  9. What is a contextual link? when the Internet site URL is linked to the text
  10. What does .k12 mean? school
  11. % on a website usually indicates it is a personally owned site.
  12. How do items get to the top of most search engines? popularity, hits
  13. What is literacy online? getting reliable information and providing credit to the source

Communication on Wiki's and Ning's

  1. A wiki is used for what purpose? creates a common document to collaborate and build documents
  2. A ning is used for what purpose? communicate with people
  3. Why are last names not used on wikis and nings? privacy and safety
  4. What is a "tag"? a common word used to identify a page (ie name, school, topic)
  5. Why are people removed from a Ning? profanity, offensive behavior
  6. How can you look up the history of a page on a wiki? history tab at top of page
  7. What should you add to everything you post? a tag
  8. t/f- wikis are for working, nings are your neighbors t
  9. How do you friend someone on a Ning? send a request to them and they need to reply
  10. Do you have to be a member to edit a wiki? yes
  11. What is a wiki war? when more than one person is trying to edit the same wiki page at the same time
  12. A wiki can be edited by... anyone with log in permission (however pages may be locked by the owner of the wiki)
  13. If your information was missing on the wiki how can you find it? using history tab and clicking on your name and following editors
  14. What is the video format used on the Ning? AVI
  15. How often were you asked to use the discussion tab? every time you edited the page
  16. How many people can work on a wiki page at once? 1
  17. It is possible to comment on peoples work on the Ning. true